Entrepreneur and Finance professional, Ken Kaufman CFO has had this fair share of ups and downs in that startup sphere. He explains that his experience is anything but unique in that way. In fact, one crucial part of Kaufman’s journey is something that all entrepreneurs do all the time… with many attributing their success to this very practice:

Entrepreneur hopefuls, Ken Kaufman CFO has some advice for you!  It’s a bit of advice that you’ve probably already heard before.  The reality is, this particular practice, which every single successful entrepreneur does, is often brought up.  However, the meaning of the message often falls on deaf ears — especially when imparted on eager, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are early into their careers!  That bit of advice is to accept failure!

When navigating the startup sphere, you’ll quickly realize that the entire process is one of trial and error.  That’s why every single successful entrepreneur embraces the valuable lessons hiding in an experience of failure.  It’s something easier said than done.  In fact, you might even think that you’ve learned to accept failure when you actually have not!  However, there is power in being able to truly see where you failed.  By doing so, you can remap your course to success… but the process itself certainly won’t be easy!