2020 has been a financial rollercoaster for plenty of people. Whether your investments lacked the stellar shine the you of 2018 envisioned… or you found yourself laid-off in the wake of the lockdown mayhem… Times have been tough. Acorns and Ziprecruiter hope to lend a financial helping hand with their new partnership.

To say the least, this year hit many of us like a ton of bricks.  What seemed like profitable planning back in January soon became dismal and depleted by March.  This could mean your investments went south, as so many startups and even established ventures found themselves suffocating in the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.  Times have been tough — and that’s a far cry from an understatement!

In an interesting partnership, finance app Acorns will join forces with ZipRecruiter.  The team up will allow users to search for jobs while navigating their investments within the finance app.  This decision came in light of skyrocketing unemployment rates brought on by the pandemic.  As Acorns CEO Noah Kerner explains, the move hopes to help users “save and invest for the future” by investing in themselves and their careers.