Ken Kaufman Finance Consulting

Ken Kaufman CFO is a Finance Consultant with a proven track record of leading individuals and ventures to new levels of achievement. More than just an area of expertise, the world of Personal Finance is Kaufman’s greatest professional passion.

Throughout his career, Ken Kaufman has led numerous ventures to financial success.  Taking the role of an executive leader, he has cultivated a great deal of expertise in empowering and growing small, medium and large companies in a variety of industries.  Regardless of the venture or project size, Kaufman always focuses on growth through hands-on problem solving and scalability via a repeatable process.  With each experience added to his portfolio, Kaufman has continuously developed innovative and creative solutions to problems faced by virtually every venture.  While he still continues to lead through executive roles, the Finance Consultant now also offers more personalized guidance as the Lead Consultant at Impact 6 LLC and through his weekly podcast, Net Worth Hacks.


Impact 6 LLC

Finance Consulting for Business Entities 

Impact 6 LLC is an independent finance consulting firm owned and operated by Ken Kaufman CFO.  Largely a side project, Kaufman currently offers finance consulting services to three separate business entities.  This includes serving as the outsourced CFO for the clients he takes on through Impact 6 LLC.  Calling on his decades of experience, Kaufman utilizes this entity as a way to lead businesses through tough financial waters by taking charge and offering clarifying guidance and advice.

Net Worth Hacks

Launched in 2019, Net Worth Hacks is a weekly personal finance podcast hosted by Ken Kaufman CFO.  He explains the project as a testament to his personal and professional dedication to educating others about personal finance.  Through this education, he hopes to assist a wide range of individuals in achieving sustainable financial success and stability.  Net Worth Hacks covers every facet of personal finance.  With a new podcast episode airing each week, Kaufman shares valuable insight and information to his listeners.  The overall goal, he explains, is to help his audience overcome their financial obstacles in hopes of moving onwards towards a brighter financial future.  Be sure to check out the podcast on its official homebase or wherever you listen to your podcasts!