Ken Kaufman Entrepreneurship

Ken Kaufman CFO is a self-motivated, award-winning professional who is energized by an entrepreneurial spirit. But despite his lean towards innovation, Kaufman isn’t your average entrepreneur.

Throughout his career, Ken Kaufman has adapted to meet the challenges he has faced.  Often taking the helm as an executive leader, Kaufman is no stranger to rolling his sleeves up to get things done!  Always taking a hands-on approach to his leadership, Kaufman is not the type to sit by and watch as others scramble to do the work.  Instead, he prefers to strengthen his team as an active participant in projects launched by the venture.  In his experience, this approach adds a unique sustainability dimension to building and growing companies.  His leadership mentality also trickles down into his independent pursuits as a Finance Consultant.

Professional Career

Over the ballpoint-pen-on-top-of-black-tabletyears, Ken Kaufman has held numerous conventional leadership positions.  Currently, he represents Community Dental Partners as CFO.  Of course, this isn’t his first time taking command as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Kaufman previously represented the following companies as CFO:

  • Contour LLC (President)
  • Airbex (President)
  • Hirschi Masonry, Inc. (VP of Administration)

Entrepreneurship Awards

Early on into his career, Ken Kaufman CFO solidified himself with the energy of an entrepreneur.  Always leaning towards the innovative, Kaufman has long favored creative solutions and unique approaches.  His success in his entrepreneurial pursuits have earned him various awards and accolades, including:  V100 Entrepreneur (Signal Peak), Top 40 Under 40, and Top 25 Under Five (UVEF).

Personal Finance Projects

Outside of his primary professional pursuits, Ken Kaufman CFO operates various personal finance projects independently.  Though he may not be your typical entrepreneur, his creativity and passion for launching new concepts is demonstrative of the entrepreneurial energy that has motivated him for decades.  Currently, he manages three ventures as an outsourced CFO through his independent finance consulting firm, Impact 6 LLC.  On a weekly basis, Kaufman hosts Net Worth Hacks, a podcast that covers everything related to personal finance.  He also acts as a creative director for Finance by Kids, a blog that puts personal finance in bite sized terms.  Led by his children, Finance by Kids aims to prove that it’s never too early (or too late) to get a grasp on your finances!

Be sure to check out Ken Kaufman CFO’s 2010 publication, Impact Your Business: An allegory of an entrepreneur’s journey to clarity, cash, profit, family, and success.  Taking pages and anecdotes from his own professional experiences, Kaufman offers his readers an allegorical guide to success that translates to meet just about any professional.